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Odorite Grime Away

All Purpose Cleaner

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Grime and dirt seem to get in everywhere, which is why an all-purpose cleaner is a must in any cleaning cupboard. Whether indoors or outdoors, our easy to use all-purpose cleaner is grime and dirt demolishing, and can be used on all surfaces inside and outside of the home.

Its Applications are Endless:

  • Use on all washable surfaces indoors or outdoors – from floors to walls and everything in between.
  • Use to remove tar, grease, oil, ink, toner, adhesives, sealant, glue, polish, fat, wax, crayon, blu-tac, plasticine, lipstick, chewing-gum, smoke damage and even graffiti.
  • Safely strips all types of floor polish and adhesives without damaging the flooring.

Product Details:

Opaque liquid with a natural citrus fragrance, in an easy to hold 500ml foaming spray bottle.

Product Ingredients:

  • 100% natural citrus cleaner
  • Based on the natural solvent extracted from the peel of citrus fruits
  • Plant based surfactants

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